Month: June 2009

Crawford v. Phillips

The employer admitted that it employed 3 or more employees from 1988 through March 22, 2006.  The employer also admitted that during that time period it did not carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance.  Consequently, the employer was fined by the Industrial Commission pursuant to N.C.G.S. 97-94(b).

The Skilled Nursing Care Coalition Warns of Dire Consequences

As part of a Statehouse rally held on June 25, the Ohio Skilled Nursing Care Coalition released a statement saying a $300 million reduction in Medicaid reimbursement would force closing dozens of nursing homes and necessitate the transfer of residents to other locations “causing trauma and life-threatening health risks.” Further, 2,000 jobs would be lost, …

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Injuries Resulting in Chronic Depression

Studies consistently show that over half of brain injured persons suffer from chronic depression. Cognitive and physical deficits are common results of brain injury, and those deficits cause loss of self-esteem, inability to enjoy life, and inability to effectively relate to others. Depression also impacts the individual’s ability to recover from the brain injury, or …

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Feds Move In, Finally

The federal government has promised a nationwide crackdown on nursing home abuses with the worst nursing homes being targeted for repeat surprise inspections, instead of the annual surveys conducted under the current system. Furthermore, federal officials pledge they will impose tough sanctions on violators, including fines and a ban on new admissions under the Medicare …

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