All Concussions Are Not Equal

illus concussion brainIt seems like it should be common knowledge, but new research has just shown that when children experience concussion–or mild traumatic brain injury–those with more severe symptoms will need a longer amount of time to recover. Mild concussions may heal within 3 to 4 days, but bigger hits may require a month or longer to heal.

Scientist from the Boston Children’s Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center examined medical records from 182 children with concussion. They looked for a group of symptoms and rated them on a scale of 0-6.  Symptoms included headaches, vomiting, balance problems, changes in sleep patterns, sensitivity to light or noise, fatigue, numbness, visual problems, and difficulty with memory or concentration.

According to study author William Meehan, M.D.:  “Parents, physicians and caregivers of athletes who suffer from a high-degree of symptoms after a sports-related concussion should start preparing for the possibility of a prolonged recovery.”

Most physicians recommend that children who receive a concussion while playing sports shouldn’t return to play until all symptoms resolve. It’s a difficult call to make–coaches may want to put star players back in the game…and the injured child may downplay symptoms so they can return to play more quickly. It’s up to parents, teachers, doctors, and other adults to observe the child and make sure they are confident that the injury has healed entirely before sending the kids back out onto the playing field.

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