Army Asks Soldiers to Take Concussions Seriously

We have been writing a lot recently about the National Football League (NFL) and the steps they are taking to make sure that players and coaches take concussions seriously. Now, the U.S. Army is waging a similar campaign.

According to an article in Army Times, the Army is teaching soldiers that concussion–also known as mild traumatic brain injury–is a physical wound, not a behavioral issue. It has also launched a new campaign to reverse the “cultural attitude” against this common battlefield injury. (How common? Since 2000, soldiers have suffered more than 91,000 concussions.)

According to the article, this concussion awareness campaign has several features:

  • Soldiers will be required to take an annual traumatic brain injury (TBI) awareness class, and a second class about how to assess and treat concussions.
  • Concussions must be recorded and tracked.
  • To remember the symptoms of concussion, soldiers are taught the acronym HEADS:  H = Headache; E = Ear ringing; A = Amnesia or loss of consciousness; D = Double vision or Dizziness; S = “Something feels wrong.”

In a perfect world, our soldiers would not have to experience concussions (or any injury). But this is a step in the right direction–mild traumatic brain injury can be a serious injury, and it deserves respect, awareness, and treatment.

It’s the least we can do for our soldiers.

To read the full article in Army Times, click here:  Army to soldiers: Take concussions seriously

For more information about the effects of concussions, feel free to visit the HensonFuerst website at  If you have questions, HensonFuerst has answers.

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