Fairness in Nursing Home Arbitration Act bill proposed

On April 9, 2008, Senator Mel Martinez, proposed legislation that provides that a pre-dispute mandatory arbitration agreement between a long-term care facility and a resident shall not be enforceable or valid.  Such legislation is critical to protecting the legal rights of residents and their families.  This is perhaps one of the most important bills in …

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Medicare Stops paying for Medical Mistakes

Medicare has announced that it will stop paying for negligent medical mistakes that are “reasonably preventable”.  This will include injuries from falls, serious decubitus ulcers,  and other common signs of abuse and neglect that are seen in nursing homes.  The New Your Times covered this announcement, click HERE.

Violations reported at 94% of Nursing Homes

A new government study finds violations at 94% of America’s nursing homes.   This  is a sad reflection on the current state of care provided in nursing homes .  Click HERE for the link to the government study.

Poll results on Mandatory Binding Arbitration

That American Association for Justice recently released the results of a comprehensive poll which explored the general public’s views on binding arbitration provisions in consumer contracts and the “Arbitration Fairness Act.”  Interestingly, Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of mandatory binding arbitration (81%) when presented with all the facts.  To see the full report click HERE.

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