2011 Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Tour Arrives in NC

When Sarah Jane Donohue was five days old, she was shaken violently by her baby nurse. The result was four broken ribs, 2 broken collarbones, and severe, permanent brain injury. As a response to this devastation, her father, Patrick Donohue, Esq., founded The Sarah Jane Brain Project. Its mission is to create a model system …

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FDA Has New Health Advice for Women with Breast Implants

New information today from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of special interest to women with breast implants, and the family who love them. The FDA announced a possible association between saline and silicone gel-filled breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), a very rare type of cancer. ACLC is not a form …

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Arizona Centers to Test Brain Injury Drug

According to an article in The Arizona Republic, 17 medical institutions in 15 states are about to begin testing the hormone progesterone in the treatment of blunt head and brain trauma, the types of injuries caused by car accidents, sports injuries, falls, and assaults. (Penetrating injuries, such as from a bullet, cannot be treated with …

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Fewer Workers Producing More

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate has remained steady while productivity is increasing.  If you are a business owner, this initially sounds like fantastic news:  same overhead + more productivity = higher profits.  What is missing from the equation is the cost of injury.   Overworked employees are far more likely to …

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What Are Clinical Trials?

Duke University is no stranger to controversy. The latest problem involves cancer patients who participated in clinical trials based on flawed research by a discredited associate professor named Anil Potti. (For more details about this story, watch our YouTube video here: Duke Clinical Trials Investigation.) A lot of people find the topic of clinical trials …

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Harmed in the Hospital

In the opinion section of the News & Observer yesterday (1/20/11), Dr. James Bryan and Burton Craige wrote about a study published recently in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine that looked at the “shockingly high rate of preventable injuries to patients, and little or no improvement over time”…specifically in North Carolina hospitals. Researchers …

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NC Injury Rate Down, Deaths Up

The overall injury rate for workers continues to decline in North Carolina and has steadily done so since 2000.  However, deaths in the workplace are on the rise.  Many of the deaths involve falls or “crushed-by” accidents.  More continued emphasis on prevention is needed to protect our workers.

Icy road conditions contribute to Asheville auto accidents

January 20, 2011 Several Asheville auto accidents were reported while the area received several inches of snow, the Citizen-Times reports. The interstates and roads would quickly become recoated shortly after they were cleared, contributing to Asheville auto accidents. Even if the roads look clear, motorists should look out for black ice, a factor in many …

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Report Questions Nursing Home Charges

The Department of Health and Human Services released a report titled “Questionable Billing by Skilled Nursing Facilities.” The title says it all… but we’re still going to comment. In recent years, government analyses have discovered improprieties in the amount of Medicare dollars billed by–and paid to–to skilled nursing facilities (a general term that includes nursing …

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