Pender County Property Owners – Free Seminar Tuesday 6/21 To Discuss The Hampstead Bypass Project and Eminent Domain Laws

Many property owners in Pender County are facing possible Land Condemnation due to the Hampstead Bypass project. This means that you may be in jeopardy of having your property taken from you by the county. To learn more about this construction project and how it is impacting landowners in your community, join Henson Fuerst, North […]

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Land Condemnation in North Carolina

Imagine sitting at home, enjoying a beautiful North Carolina morning when a couple large work trucks pull into your driveway. Several men with surveying equipment start taking pictures, measurements, and soil samples without even consulting you. This may seem like a violation of your rights, but unfortunately, it’s not. And the worst part is, it’s […]

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Commissioners Reject CSX Rail Terminal in Johnson County

The CSX Carolina Connector has been in the news the last several days. The main story is about how this railway company is looking to build a major rail terminal in Johnson County. The private company is threatening to use the power of Eminent Domain to take land from average citizens. Clients regularly call us, […]

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Determining Your Property's Value is Key During Eminent Domain Proceedings

The law allows federal, state, and local governments to involuntarily seize private property from an owner if the land is being used to benefit the community in some way. While there often isn’t much that can be done to prevent property from being taken through eminent domain laws, the North Carolina land condemnation lawyers at HensonFuerst […]

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Support for Land Owners in Map Act Litigation

For those following the Map Act litigation and the Kirby case, final briefs for land owners are now filed with the NC Supreme Court.  It will be several months before an opinion is rendered, but there were a wide range of Amicus Briefs submitted in support of affected land owners. Here is one such posting, […]

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Continued Objections to Asheville River Arts District Proposals

As the City of Asheville moves forward with the 2.2-mile River Arts District Transportation Improvement Plan (RADTIP) along Riverside Drive, the city also continues to hear from angry citizens who also oppose the proposed River Arts District Form-Based Code. Thus far, the City of Asheville presses ahead with it’s attempt at gentrification of this historic […]

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Route 540 Outer Loop Environmental Study Approved

Route 540 southern path is one step closer to completion today. According to an article in the News & Observer, the Federal Highway Administration has approved an environmental impact study and evaluation of possible routes. Although the study hasn’t yet been publicly released, the DOT says that the study does not eliminate any of the possible […]

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Bankruptcy Trumps Condemnation

If you are a land owner whose property is being condemned AND you have declared bankruptcy, the NC Department of Transportation cannot go through their normal steps of condemnation. The bankruptcy court must get involved, as the DOT recently learned the hard way. According to an article in the News & Observer, a federal bankruptcy judge […]

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Orange Route Property Owners in Limbo

Just five months ago, we posted this exclamation: “Good news for home owners and landowners in NC! The NC House voted unanimously to get rid of the Map Act, which had allow the DOT to “reserve” its right to certain property corridors (protected corridors) for future development. Property owners were then prohibited from developing or […]

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Three Things to Remember About Your North Carolina Land Condemnation Rights

The state of North Carolina gives private companies the right to condemn land if the property is to be used in a project that can benefit the community. But property owners have rights, and the North Carolina land condemnation lawyers at HensonFuerst would like to remind you to keep a few things in mind if […]

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Next Phase of Raleigh Fast Train Route Approved

According to an article in the News & Observer, environmental documents have been signed to advance a planned railroad shortcut between Raleigh and Richmond, boosting prospects for faster trains between Atlanta and Washington, D.C. The environmental impact statement, a key project milestone, lays out the detailed route from downtown Raleigh – starting with a new […]

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Property Rights Meeting to be Held in Asheville

North Carolina law firm HensonFuerst, P.A., will hold a public information session on the rights and duties of landowners whose land will be affected by the Asheville River Arts District Transportation Improvement project (NC DOT and Municipal Project No. U-5019). This project will primarily affect small business owners located in a section of the larger […]

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Is Haunting a Sign of an Unhappy Landowner?

Some believe that the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office is haunted by the spirit of Otto Zenke, whose home and business were taken by eminent domain to build the sheriff’s office. According to, the goings-on are creepy, but harmless: Footsteps echoing where no one’s walking. Employees hearing their names called from empty rooms. Objects that […]

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Residents of Pender County Receive Tax Revaluation Notices for Hampstead Bypass Project

If you own property in Pender County that is affected by the future Hampstead Bypass (NC DOT Project #R-3300) you may have recently received notice from the Pender County Tax Office that a revaluation of your property is under way. This revaluation is required under applicable North Carolina statutes, but the lawyers at HensonFuerst have […]

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Public Meeting About Duke Energy Transmission Line Project

Interested in the Duke Energy transmission line project? In July, Duke Energy announced a proposal to run a 230-kilovolt transmission line from a planned tie-in station from Campobello to Asheville, where a natural gas-fired plant is expected to replace a coal-fired plant at Lake Julian in about 2020. According to an article in the Citizen-Times, […]

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North Carolina Landowners Facing Eminent Domain Stage a Protest

Most people who own property assume they will have the right to dictate how the land is used. But sometimes, government entities and even private businesses can use North Carolina’s eminent domain laws to condemn property for certain uses. The North Carolina land condemnation process has already been put into motion to take swaths of […]

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Pending Land Condemnation Legislation at Risk

If you are a property owner in North Carolina, we urge you to contact your State Senator, and any of the other State Senators on the following list, and ask them to support two pending laws, both of which passed with overwhelming support in the House… but have been stymied in the Senate. This request is […]

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The Importance of Determining the Value of your Property in a Case of Eminent Domain

In recent weeks, we’ve discussed how the state of North Carolina has the right to condemn private property through eminent domain laws if the land is being used to benefit the community; however, the North Carolina land condemnation lawyers with HensonFuerst explain the state is required to fairly compensate landowners for said property. The problem […]

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North Carolina Land Condemnation Lawyers Holding Greenville Southwest Bypass Property Owners Meeting

By law, the state and federal government are permitted to acquire private property from owners if the land is being used as part of a project that provides a benefit to the community, such as the construction of a road or highway; however, landowners have a right to be fairly compensated for their property and […]

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Judges Find in Favor of Property Owners in North Carolina Map Act Lawsuit

Landowners are getting some relief in North Carolina today after the state’s Court of Appeals ruled the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) could not use the Transportation Corridor Official Map Act to indefinitely tie up a property owner’s land. The Map Act allows the state to determine if a piece of property is in […]

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