Business Dispute FAQ

1. What is a commercial or residential lease dispute?

While disputes involving contracts for commercial and residential leases may vary, typical disputes often concern:

  • Improvements and alterations of property
  • Maintenance responsibilities
  • Monthly rent variations
  • Security deposits
  • Term of lease agreement
  • Terms of use

2. What is “bad faith” insurance?

When your insurance company has unfairly denied you benefits or has unreasonably delayed payment of your benefits, this is often referred to as a “bad faith insurance claim.”

Our North Carolina bad faith insurance lawyers may be able to help if:

  • you waited months before being compensated by the insurance company.
  • the insurance adjustor refuses to return your calls.
  • your claim was denied with no explanation.
  • the insurance company refuses to negotiate on the value of your claim.

3. How can I resolve my contract dispute?

There are a number of ways to resolve conflicts surrounding contracts, including:

  • Damages
    The most common resolution to contract breach and dispute is “damages”—or compensation. Damages may be compensatory, punitive, or nominal [link each to legal glossary entry].
  • Cancellation and Restitution
    You or your company also may resolve the conflict by “cancellation”— cancelling the contract—or by “restitution”—restoring the contract to the state prior to the breach or dispute.
  • Specific Performance
    Another form of resolution is “specific performance”—a court-ordered performance of duty under the contract.

4. How do I prove defamation?

For a statement to be considered defamatory, you must prove the:

  • statement is false;
  • statement was communicated as if it were true;
  • statement was communicated to other people—not just you;
  • statement damaged you (or your reputation).

5. What criteria must I meet to dissolve a partnership?

Common causes for dissolution of partnership by legal means include:

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