Brain Injury

How Brain Injury Affects Marriage

What survives of a marriage when a spouse suffers brain injury? According to an article in The New York Times, that’s the question being investigated by Dr. Jeffrey S. Kreutzer and other psychologists at Virginia Commonwealth University (V.C.U.) in Richmond. In addition, the psychologists are working to develop marriage counseling techniques for affected couples. According …

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Kids Suffer Long-Term Effects from Head Trauma

When children suffer a head injury, parents are always relieved once the tears stop. But a study published in the November 2011 issue of the journal Pediatrics reveals that children with moderate or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) have substantial long-term reduction in quality of life. The study examined 729 children treated for TBI. Researchers …

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Concussion Guidelines for Cyclists

According to an article in Bike World News, two major cycling organizations have jointly released recommendations for how to treat cyclists who have sustained head trauma. Medicine of Cycling, an independent group of physicians and psychologists working to improve processes that can have a meaningful impact on the way care is delivered to cycling athletes, recently formed …

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