Christmas Tree Safety Advice

Thanks again to the great people of Rocky Mount Public Utilities who put together valuable, timely information about electrical and fire safety. The greatest risks are posed by old or dry trees, damaged lights, improper use of lights, and open flames from a candle or fireplace. Here are some of the top tips for how to select and care for Christmas trees.

  • If you like live (non-artificial) trees, purchase a tree that is as fresh as possible. If possible, purchase your tree from a cut-your-own site–that’s as fresh as you can get for a cut tree. If the tree is already cut, check the needles for freshness. Old trees have dry or brown needles that snap easily. Fresher trees have needles that bend without snapping.
  • At home, put the tree in a sturdy stand.
  • Make sure the tree stand always has water in it–a dry stand leads to a dry tree, and a dry tree is a fire hazard. Add water EVERYDAY.
  • Keep trees at least three feet away from any heat source, including fireplace or candles. Do not put candles on the tree.
  • Examine every string of lights before putting them on the tree. If they look at all damaged, burned, or crushed, throw the entire string away and replace it.
  • Use only lights marked as “indoor” lights.
  • Do not leave lights plugged in overnight or if you leave the house.

To read more tips, click here for the Rocky Mount Public Utilities safety flyer:

X-mas tree tips

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