Game Show Reveals Workers' Comp Fraud

from NY Daily News
from NY Daily News

Apparently  the glitz and glamor of The Price Is Right game show was too much much for Cathy Cashwell to resist. When she heard the siren call of “Come on down,” she did. And then she won. And then she won AGAIN. Then, it was time to spin the big wheel that would determine whether she would participate in the Grand Prize Showcase Showdown. In fact, she spun twice, reaching up and pulling/pushing that wheel with all she had.

It was a mistake.

According to an article on nydailynews.com, Cathy Cashwell filed for workers’ compensation in 2004 after she suffered pain in her shoulder, arm and neck while loading mail trays into her work vehicle. Official documents claim that her injuries prevented her from reaching, climbing, or grasping.

She appeared on The Price is Right in 2009, and spinning the big wheel requires–among other skills–reaching and grasping. Busted!

To add insult to injury (or non-injury), Cashwell also had Facebook photos showing her lifting furniture and groceries.

Cashwell pleaded guilty to workers’ compensation fraud for continuing to receive payments after she was well enough to return to work. Sentencing is scheduled for September

At HensonFuerst, we handle workers’ compensation cases, and we’d like to reassure folks that stories like this are, thankfully, rare. Most of the time we see workers who are seriously or catastrophically injured on the job, but are denied workers’ comp payments by employers or insurance companies that think the real game is to avoid paying at all costs–even when a formerly able-bodied employee can no longer afford to keep up with mortgage payments or put food on their family’s table. Our job is to help injured workers fight for their rights.

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