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Car accidents happen quickly and change lives in an instant. A long list of expenses can significantly impact your financial situation. Don't trust insurance companies to compensate you fairly and quickly. You can become a victim twice if they devalue your injuries or offer less than you’re owed. Insurance companies are not motivated to compensate you—and may not act fairly on your behalf.

An experienced car accident injury attorney at Henson Fuerst will work with you to help you recover the maximum compensation for your claim. For more than 45 years, our North Carolina auto accident attorneys have assisted victims—protecting their interests and helping them recover.

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We have been serving accident victims since 1976. If you need a car accident lawyer in Raleigh, North Carolina, contact us today.

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We have represented thousands of clients in our 45 years.

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My husband was in an auto accident with life threatening injuries. Henson Fuerst handled all our legal needs while my husband went through extensive medical recovery and helped take stress off of us so we could focus on my husband's care. I highly recommend Henson Fuerst to anyone who requires assistance with an injury case.

William & Cheryl

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cap on punitive damages in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, most punitive damages are capped at three times the amount of compensatory damages or $250,000 whichever is greater.

How long do most car accident cases last?

The time it takes to resolve a case depends on many factors; the most important are what happened in the wreck and what were the resulting injuries.

  • Cases involving soft tissue injuries that get better with treatment from an orthopedic or chiropractic doctor and physical therapy can typically be negotiated and settled without filing a lawsuit and generally last six to nine months.
  • Cases involving more substantial injuries, such as broken bones or surgical procedures, typically last nine to 15 months.
  • Cases that involve more substantial and permanent, life-long injuries can last one to three years, depending on the circumstances. If we file a lawsuit instead of settling out of court, it may take an additional 16 to 24 months or longer before the case is resolved.
Is the insurance company’s offer “fair”?

The answer really depends on whether you feel that the amount of money offered by the insurance company is enough to avoid the considerable hassle of going forward with litigation. Many people ask friends or family members who have had car wrecks how much they settled their cases for. In our experience, this is can be misleading because no two cases are the same.

At HensonFuerst, when we have a “final” offer from the insurance company, we meet with you and explain all of your legal options. Typically, that means you can accept the final offer or reject the offer and file a lawsuit. It’s our job to explain the risks and benefits of each option so you can make the decision that best fits your personal situation.

How does a car accident lawyer negotiate my case?

Generally, before we file a lawsuit on your behalf, our North Carolina auto accident attorneys will attempt to negotiate with the insurance company to reach a settlement. In the majority of cases we handle, we do not begin negotiating your case until you have healed. This way, we are aware of all of the damages and losses related to your injuries and how those damages will affect your quality of life.

Why should I hire a car accident attorney?

Our North Carolina auto accident lawyers recommend that you seek the help of a lawyer if:

  • Your claim involves large injuries
  • you had (or continue to have) substantial medical treatment (treatment that extends beyond more than a few visits to a doctor)
  • You have suffered permanent injury that resulted in scarring, the need for surgery, or a permanent disability
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