Petition Opposing SB 174 (for Workers' Compensation)

Gavel and american flagIn 2011, North Carolinians helped injured workers by  signing a petition opposing a massive overhaul of the NC Workers’ Compensation Act.  As a result of those efforts and the work of many great people in this State, a compromise bill was created that preserved many rights for injured workers in North Carolina.

Unfortunately, the NC Legislature is back at it, attacking the rights of those in need. We’d like to explain this issue, and ask for your help.

SB 174 is in committee at the House of Representatives.  SB 174 seeks to unfairly end the process of “fast track” decisions regarding the reinstatement of disability benefits of injured workers (Form 23 Hearings) and access to medical care (ending the right to a hearing on an Expedited Medical Motion). Without these provisions, North Carolina will go back to a system that delays the ability of an injured worker to have basic life necessities and delays access to medical care that would allow the injured worker to get to health and get back to work.

Right now, we can get medical treatment in a matter of hours if an emergent situation; otherwise it can take a week or so.  If SB 174 passes, it could take months or even years of litigation to get medical treatment or benefits reinstated.  To make matters worse, SB 174 does nothing to protect injured workers from having their benefits quickly terminated.

This bill is unjust and unfair. NC workers need your help.

We ask that you please take a moment to review and read up on the issue, and if you agree with us, please sign this petition and share it with friends and family.

Thank you again for your support.


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