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The Effects of a Car Accident Can Last a Lifetime. Our Raleigh Car Accident Attorneys Ensure That You and Your Family Get The Compensation and Lifetime Care You Need.

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You Pay Nothing Unless We Win Your Case

Car accidents happen in a flash and can change the life of an individual or family in an instant. In the aftermath of the accident, not only will you deal with the mental anguish of recovery and the destruction of your property, but you will also ultimately be forced to deal with financial fallout that may last for years to come.

We understand the devastation that car accidents can bring and have fought for accident victims just like you for over four decades. When you choose Henson Fuerst to represent you, you can expect to be treated like family and provided with honest and compassionate legal representation. If you have questions about an accident you were involved in, contact our North Carolina car accident attorneys for a free consultation by calling 919-781-1107 or submitting a free case evaluation today.

What does hiring a car accident attorney cost?

Our firm only gets paid when you do. So, if there is no recovery for your case, then there is no attorney’s fee. It’s that simple. We work hard to defend your rights and help you recover the compensation you need to move forward.

Why Should I hire a car accident lawyer?

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses and will try to negotiate the lowest amount possible for your claim. By hiring an experienced car accident lawyer you can get the most compensation possible for your injuries.

North Carolina is a Contributory Negligence State

North Carolina is one of four states that practice contributory negligence and may cause your claim to be denied if the insurance company can prove that you were as little as 1% at-fault. This may be used as a defense to avoid liability for the opposing party. By hiring a Henson Fuerst car accident attorney in Raleigh, NC, we will guide you every step of the way and get the maximum settlement possible for your injuries, lost wages, future medical care, and pain and suffering.

$9.5 Million

Truck Accident

$7.5 Million

Truck Accident

$3 Million

Car Accident

Why you should contact the Raleigh Car Accident Lawyers at Henson Fuerst

Our office has helped thousands of clients across North Carolina financially recover after being involved in motor vehicle accidents. Whether you need help from a car accident attorney, truck accident attorney, motorcycle accident lawyer, or bicycle accident attorney, contact us today and talk for free.

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Over 150 years of combined experience

We have been serving accident victims since 1976. If you need a car accident lawyer in Raleigh, North Carolina, contact us today.

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Winning a settlement is just the beginning of what our car accident attorneys can do for you and your family. Our reviews speak for themselves.

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Contact our Raleigh car accident attorneys day or night to get help with your case. Our team is on-call 24/7 and here for you when you need us.

Client testimonial after hiring Henson Fuerst as her car accident lawyer
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"My husband was in an auto accident with life threatening injuries. I called Henson Fuerst Attorneys for assistance in my husband's case. Mr. Mason and Ms. McPhatter handled all our legal needs while my husband went through extensive medical recovery and helped take stress off of us so we could focus on my husband's care. They were very attentive to our case and us personally. My husband and I are very happy with their professional services and care. I highly recommend Henson Fuerst to anyone who requires assistance with an injury case. Thank you so much for all your efforts in our case."

Cheryl S.

Car Accident

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cap on punitive damages in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, most punitive damages are capped at three times the amount of compensatory damages or $250,000 – whichever is greater.

How long do most car accident cases last?

The time it takes to resolve a case depends on many factors. The most important is what happened in the wreck and what were the resulting injuries. For example, cases involving soft tissue injuries that get better with treatment from an orthopedic or chiropractic doctor and physical therapy can typically be negotiated and settled without filing a lawsuit and generally last six to nine months. Cases that involve more substantial injuries, such as broken bones or surgical procedures, typically last nine to 15 months. Finally, cases that involve more substantial and permanent, life-long injuries can last one to three years, depending on the circumstances. If we file a lawsuit instead of settling out of court, it may take an additional 16 to 24 months or longer before the case is resolved.

Is the insurance company’s offer “fair”?

The answer depends on whether you feel that the amount of money offered by the insurance company is enough to avoid the hassle of going forward with litigation. Many people ask friends or family members who have had car wrecks how much they settled their cases for. In our experience, this can be misleading because no two cases are the same. At Henson Fuerst, when we have a “final” offer from the insurance company, we meet with you and explain all of your legal options. Typically, that means you can accept the final offer or reject the offer and file a lawsuit. It’s our job to explain the risks and benefits of each option so you can make the decision that best fits your personal situation.

How does a car accident lawyer negotiate my case?

Generally, before we file a lawsuit on your behalf, our North Carolina auto accident attorneys will attempt to negotiate with the insurance company to reach a settlement. In the majority of cases we handle, we do not begin negotiating your case until you have healed. This way, we are aware of all the damages and losses related to your injuries and how those damages will affect your quality of life.

Why should I hire a car accident attorney?

Our North Carolina auto accident lawyers recommend that you seek the help of a lawyer if:

  • Your claim involves large injuries
  • you had (or continue to have) substantial medical treatment (treatment that extends beyond more than a few visits to a doctor)
  • You have suffered permanent injury that resulted in scarring, the need for surgery, or a permanent disability
How much could someone sue for a car accident?

There is no limit to how much compensation you can seek in a car accident lawsuit. The compensation sought is based on what injuries were sustained and their severity. This could be anywhere between thousands of dollars and millions.

How long after an accident could you make an injury claim?

The statute of limitations to file an injury claim in North Carolina is three years from the date of the accident. However, for your best chance at maximum compensation, you must speak with a reputable car accident lawyer and file a claim as soon as possible.

Henson Fuerst Car Accident Lawyers

What should I do after a car accident?

Emotions are high after a car collision, and there is a lot of confusion on the scene. There are, however, several precautions you may take to safeguard yourself and any claim you decide to pursue in the future.

  1. Don't Leave the Scene.You should only leave the accident area after exchanging information with others involved in the crash and receiving permission from any law enforcement officers there. You risk being charged with hit-and-run if you leave before then.
  2. Check for Injuries.You should only leave the accident area after exchanging information with others involved in the crash and receiving permission from any law enforcement officers there. You risk being charged with hit-and-run if you leave before then.
  3. Call the Police.If there are any injuries, dial 911 immediately. Having a law enforcement officer there, regardless of any injuries, may be beneficial if discovered that the other driver is driving while intoxicated or without insurance.
  4. Move Vehicles.If the crash is minimal and there are no significant injuries, try to relocate all vehicles to the road’s shoulder and away from the traffic flow. This will help avoid a larger traffic delay and make it easier for first responders to get to the accident.
  5. Obtain Insurance and Personal Information.Identify any other drivers who may have been involved in the collision and gather their names, contact information, driver’s license number, and insurance company and policy number. If there are any witnesses, you should also collect their information.
  6. Document and Gather Evidence.When you have a chance, write down everything that happened before and after the accident as accurately as you can. Take photos of any damage to the car, skid marks, or weather conditions in the vicinity. Look around to check whether any cameras, such as traffic or security cameras, are nearby. Make a mental note of where they are in case you need a copy of the footage.
  7. Watch What You Say.If you’re unsure if you’re to blame for the accident, don’t admit fault. Also, don’t lie, especially if you’re making a police statement.
  8. Notify Your Insurance Company.Regardless of who is at fault for the car accident, it is critical to contact your car insurance company as quickly as possible. Failure to notify your insurance company in a timely manner could risk your coverage.

We have represented thousands of car accident victims in our 45 years.

$7.5M Settlement

A child involved in a truck accident suffered numerous brain bleeds as well as severe and permanent cognitive, physical, and emotional deficits as a result of his Traumatic Brain Injury. The case was filed in court and settled after multiple depositions of the parties and medical experts. The settlement was collected in full.

Stay Up-To-Date with the Car Accident Lawyers at Henson Fuerst

Our Raleigh car accident lawyers strive to keep our community educated and informed about the latest trends and events regarding car safety and accident prevention. Browse our most recent blog posts here:

We never charge a fee unless we obtain a recovery for you. If a recovery is not made, you pay us nothing.

Truck accident on a highway.

Car accident lawyers in Raleigh, NC who care about protecting your rights.

What you can expect when choosing our team of Raleigh car accident lawyers to represent your case

The Raleigh car accident attorneys at Henson Fuerst understand how difficult it may be to get compensation after a car wreck, especially given North Carolina’s contributory fault rules. This implies that in order to get compensation, the sufferer must be completely blameless in the accident. You may be able to recover medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering if it can be shown that you were entirely free of fault. Because contributory negligence makes blaming another driver for an accident more difficult, you may need the assistance of a North Carolina car accident lawyer.

For over 45 years, we’ve been helping accident victims throughout North Carolina fight for the full and fair compensation they need. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, our attorneys will advocate for you throughout the settlement process. Insurance claims adjusters are tasked with safeguarding the interests of their employers, which may or may not coincide with your needs. We will work hard to protect your best interests and help you recover fair compensation for your accident claim. Contact us today by calling 919-781-1107 or submitting a free consultation form online.

There are many factors to consider when determining fault in a car accident case

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) studies, driver error is the primary cause of automobile accidents in the United States. Accidents caused by someone else’s recklessness or negligence such as poor judgment, driving distracted or under the influence, and fatigue, fall into the category of driver error. In these cases, a specific person may be held liable for their actions.

Other factors such as road or car defects can also lead to serious accidents. Common roadway defects that may indicate a road was not properly constructed or maintained include:

  • Potholes
  • Soft shoulders, meaning that the shoulder on the side of the road is made of gravel or packed dirt rather than asphalt
  • Defective guardrails
  • Improper drainage can cause the road to be slick and cause hydroplaning

We fight to get you the maximum compensation necessary for your recovery.

$3.25M Settlement

A commercial truck driver ignored DOT caution signs regarding a previous crash. The tractor-trailer crashed into our client, who was the last car in the line of traffic. The plaintiff was taken to the hospital and discharged with post-traumatic headache. Months later, our client was diagnosed with many more injuries that resulted from the accident and was unable to return to competitive employment. The settlement was collected in full.

Meet our Raleigh Car Accident Lawyers

Thomas Henson, Car Accident Lawyer and Traumatic Brain Injury Specialist.

Car Accident Lawyer Thomas Henson, Jr.

Thomas Henson, Jr. joined Henson Fuerst in 1989. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1986 and his Juris Doctorate in 1989—both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Thomas understands how an accident injury affects the lives of victims.

He is experienced in handling complex accident claims involving catastrophic injuries and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina (BIANC). He advocates for brain injury victims and their families across North Carolina and has presented at multiple conferences for victims of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), their caregivers, and brain injury professionals.

David J. Mason, a car accident lawyer and personal injury attorney at Henson Fuerst Attorneys.

Car Accident Lawyer David J. Mason

David Mason joined Henson Fuerst in 2018. He has spent most of his career as a car accident lawyer and personal injury litigator and trial attorney, advocating on behalf of injured people in North Carolina.

David attended North Carolina State University in Raleigh and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and minor in Spanish. His passion for justice and helping others brought him to Campbell University’s Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law in Raleigh, where he earned his degree of Juris Doctor. During law school, David represented Campbell Law in the ABA Negotiation Competition. In addition, he completed internships at Wake County District Court, Duke Energy, and multiple Raleigh law firms.

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