U.S. 221 Lane Widening

Project #R-2233
Lane Widening
Affected County: 

The US 221 roadway project has been in the making for more than a decade.  The final two phases are R-2233BB and R-2233BA.  Phase R-223BB is currently funded, and right of way acquisition is slated to take place in 2017/2018.  Construction is planned to begin in 2020 and run through 2023.  For the last phase of R-2233BA, right of way acquisition is currently planned for 2020, with construction taking place between 2022-2025.

Phase BB will be 4.8 miles long, and is projected to cost $75 million, with more than $22 million of that for right of way acquisitions. This phase will run North of US 74 Business to north of Roper Loop Road.

Phase BA will run north of 74 Bypass to north of US 74 Business, and is expected to cost approximately $120 million for acquisition and construction.

Project Maps:

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