Burn Injuries/Inhalation

Common Inhalation Injuries

Inhalation injuries can happen during a fire or explosion. They are important to know about because they often go undetected and can be fatal if left untreated.

Fire smoke contains more than 100 known toxic substances, and when inhalation injuries are combined with burns to the skin, the risk of death increases dramatically. There are three primary types of inhalation injuries:

    1. Smoke Inhalation
      When smoke gets into the lungs, it can be fatal. It’s important your lungs be checked by a medical professional for any smoke damage.
    2. Heat Inhalation
      Lung burns occur when you breathe in hot air or flames or if an explosion or other pressure forces heat into your lungs.
    3. Toxin Inhalation
      Breathing in toxins, such as carbon monoxide, affects your body’s ability to absorb oxygen. Without oxygen, cells start to die, leading to brain damage and eventually, death.

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