Burn Injury/FAQ

Fire and Burn Injury FAQ

1. What damages can I expect to recover for my burn injuries?

In North Carolina, victims of burn injuries can generally receive:

  • Compensatory damages: medical bills, lost wages (present and future), pain and suffering, scars, and disfigurement.
  • Punitive damages recovered when a defendant acted with recklessness, malice, or deceit.

The North Carolina burn injury lawyers at Henson Fuerst are experienced in helping victims recover a fair compensation.

2. How do I know if I have a case?

If you are unfamiliar with North Carolina law, it can be difficult to know whether or not you should sue for your fire and burn injury. If you are a victim of a burn injury, contact Henson Fuerst at (919) 781-1107 or complete a free initial consultation form today. We’re here to answer your questions and help you figure out whether or not you have a case. Don’t make this important decision on your own.

3. How soon after my burn injury can I sue?

For the best chance of a favorable outcome, it’s crucial to contact a North Carolina fire injury lawyer as soon as possible after your burn injury. Fire and burn injury accident sites may contain time-sensitive evidence that needs to be collected and preserved.

4. How does Henson Fuerst investigate a fire?

At Henson Fuerst, we consult fire accident reconstruction engineers who are trained to investigate the series of events, factors, and conditions that led to a fire or explosion. Their third party, unbiased, expert opinions and findings are vital in serious fire and burn injury cases.

5. What happens if I am permanently disabled from my fire injury?

Many serious burn victims are likely to have permanent scarring and disfigurement, which can make re-joining the workforce difficult due to physical limitations. Some fire injury victims may have to make a vocational change, while others may need to apply for permanent Social Security disability because they are permanently or semi-permanently unable to work.

If your North Carolina fire injury requires a change in profession, the North Carolina burn injury lawyers at Henson Fuerst can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your vocational training needs with the help of unbiased vocational and rehabilitation experts, physical therapists, life care planners, and economists. This comprehensive evaluation will help the insurance company and/or jury correctly assess your current and future needs and decide on a fair amount of compensation.

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