Misdiagnosis/Late Diagnosis

A timely and precise diagnosis of illness or disease is the cornerstone of effective treatment. If a physician makes a mistake or is negligent in diagnosing a life-threatening disease or serious medical condition, it can have disastrous consequences for their patients.

Unfortunately, cases of missed or delayed diagnosis happen far too frequently in the United States. A study of Patient Safety Incidents (PSIs) by HealthGrades found that “Failure to Rescue”, meaning failure to diagnose and treat in time, was the most common cause of a patient safety incident. The same study showed that these types of Diagnostic Errors happened at a rate of 155 per 1,000 hospitalized patients.

Missed or delayed diagnosis errors are often preventable and result from medical mistakes or negligence. Possible causes of missed or delayed diagnosis include:

  • Misinterpretation of MRI results, mammograms or x-rays
  • Failing to recognize heart attack symptoms
  • Unreasonable delay in diagnostic test ordering
  • Failing to diagnose bacterial infection or sepsis
  • Failing to notice airway obstructions
  • Negligence in not recommending a c-section
  • Misdiagnosis of stroke symptoms
  • Misdiagnosis of spinal injury
  • Misdiagnosis of concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury

An accurate diagnosis is the foundation of medicine. With the proper diagnosis, patients benefit from speedy treatment and increased survival rates. When a doctor fails to follow the fundamental steps of diagnosis, it can lead to serious injury and death.

Henson Fuerst is Here to Help

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