Social Security Disability Appeals Process

Preparing for your Social Security Disability Appeal Hearing

If your application is denied at the Reconsideration level, the next step is requesting a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. The hearing can be a stressful and emotional event for many people because you are required to talk about the events that led to your disability, which has left you unable to work.

If you hire Henson Fuerst, your North Carolina Social Security Disability lawyer will be by your side before, during, and after your hearing. We’ll help you prepare for your hearing so you have the best chance of getting the benefits you need. Call us today at (919) 781-1107 or complete a free initial consultation form.

Tips for Your Hearing

Before your hearing, you will have a meeting with your North Carolina Social Security Disability lawyer. We’ll review some important tips that can help you stay focused during the hearing, such as:

  • Don’t dress up.
    We want the ALJ to see you how you really are, not flashy or wearing expensive clothing and jewelry.
  • Tell the truth.
    Remember to always tell the truth. The ALJ can tell when your words are misleading and it may hurt your chances of being approved.
  • Don’t ask questions.
    Refrain from addressing the ALJ unless you are spoken to. Keep your comments to a minimum.
  • Be prepared.
    Take time to review your medical records and medical diary before the hearing so you can answer questions accurately and quickly when asked.

Vocational Experts

The Social Security Administration (SSA) often appoints Vocational Experts (VE) to testify at benefits hearings. They are independent contractors with knowledge of the job market who are hired by the SSA to identify and describe a potential Social Security recipient’s former job. These reports often influence whether or not applicants are approved for benefits.

If you’re waiting for a hearing to determine if you’ll be eligible to receive benefits, it’s important to have an attorney on your side to tell your story. At HensonFuerst, our Social Security Disability lawyers in North Carolina will fight for your rights to the money you deserve. Call us at (919) 781-1107 or fill out a free initial consultation form.

We’ll Stand Up for Your Rights

When the VE is called to testify at your hearing, he or she may be asked to describe several aspects of your health and the conditions of your previous job, such as:

  • The physical activity level of the job (light, medium, or heavy work)
  • How much time you spent sitting, standing, or lifting
  • Whether the work was skilled, unskilled, or semi-skilled
  • How long it takes someone to learn the job
  • Your limitations for going back to work

Because the VE is hired by the SSA and may have no previous relationship to you or your employer, he or she may not know the specifics of your job or your prospects for returning to work. Having a Social Security Disability lawyer from HensonFuerst present at your hearing may make the difference for getting approved for benefits, as we can cross-examine the VE and clarify any confusing statements or inaccuracies.

Henson Fuerst Is Here to Help

If you or a loved one was denied the Social Security Disability benefits you deserve, call Henson Fuerst right away at (919) 781-1107 or fill out a free consultation form online. When you call, you will speak with an experienced Raleigh, NC Social Security Disability attorney absolutely FREE.

At Henson Fuerst, we will fight hard to ensure that your rights are protected. You will never pay an attorney’s fee up front, and you owe us nothing unless we secure your SSD benefits.

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