Best Ways to Lower the Chance of SIDS

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) weighed in today about baby products that claim to protect babies from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome , or SIDS. SIDS is every new parent’s worst fear—an unexplainable, mysterious disorder that causes the sudden death of children under age 1. Manufacturers have been trying to cash in on that …

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Concussion Guidelines for Cyclists

According to an article in Bike World News, two major cycling organizations have jointly released recommendations for how to treat cyclists who have sustained head trauma. Medicine of Cycling, an independent group of physicians and psychologists working to improve processes that can have a meaningful impact on the way care is delivered to cycling athletes, recently formed …

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Doctors and Nurses Can Transmit Deadly Bacteria

Hospitals are filled with all different kinds of bacteria. As doctors and nurses move from patient to patient, the conscientious ones wash their hands before examining each new patient. That simple act of using soap and water is the single best way to prevent the transmission of bacteria from one very sick person to another. …

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California Outlaws Indoor Tanning for Minors

This week, California became the first state to enact legislation banning indoor tanning for anyone under age 18. Three other states—New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania—are considering similar laws. Senator Ted W. Lieu of Torrance, CA, commented on the new law: “I praise Governor [Jerry] Brown for his courage in taking this much-needed step to …

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File Under: Really, Sherlock?

Here at HensonFuerst, we are big fans of scientific research. Scientists are some of the unsung heroes of society. So it is with all due respect that we find ourselves having to say:  Was this research really necessary? Decades of research have shown that drivers who drink alcohol have an increased risk of being involved …

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