Know Your Hospital Status to Prevent Medicare Confusion

Many people who wind up in a nursing home are transferred there after a hospital stay. But an article in today’s The Washington Post points out a technicality that could block your ability to have Medicare cover the cost of  your nursing home stay. Basically, everyone in the hospital is categorized as being in either …

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Youth Concussion Rates Skyrocket

It may seem like we keep banging the concussion drum, but this story doesn’t go away.  According to new information published online today, the number of concussion-related hospital emergency visits for children ages 8-13 doubled between 1997 and 2007 (a 100% increase). For youth age 14-19, the increase was 200%, a 4-fold increase. The cause …

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Student becomes victim of Greensboro wrongful death

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University officials will look into the circumstances surrounding the Greensboro wrongful death of a student, according to news-record.com. The student became victim of the Greensboro wrongful death after collapsing during tryouts for the track and field team. The 20-year-old was in a supervised voluntary open tryout before the Greensboro …

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Safety Tips for Back to School

Whether you’re happy about it or not, North Carolina schools are back in session. After a fun and relaxing summer, and weeks of shopping and haircuts, there’s one last bit of business that needs to be addressed: Safety.

Retirement Home Residents Removed from Substandard Facility

People in nursing homes, rest homes, retirement homes, and assisted nursing facilities deserve the best care a society has to offer, not the worst. Residents and their families should never have been subjected to this kind of a nightmare…one that lasted, presumably, for several years. It’s shameful that Warren Gold and Gold Care, Inc., seem to have put playing the system above caring for senior citizens. Stories like these are exactly why HensonFuerst Attorneys spend every day fighting for the rights of abused and neglected elderly residents.

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