World Alzheimer's Day

Today, September 21, 2011, is World Alzheimer’s Day. Every year on September 21st, Alzheimer associations across the globe unite to recognize World Alzheimer’s Day, and this year is no exception.

World Alzheimer’s Day is a day that unites opinion leaders, people with dementia, their carers and family, medical professionals, researchers and the media from all around the world.

Having a globally coordinated awareness day sends a strong message to governments and policy makers alerting them to the fact that dementia is a serious health issue that will have serious implications for services and health systems around the world as the world’s population grows older. In addition, by focusing on a different message each year, the day can be used to educate and challenge people’s misconceptions about dementia.

Plus, having a special day  provides an opportunity for Alzheimer associations around the world to gain recognition and credibility for the work they do, placing themselves in a stronger position to influence opinion leaders and governments.

The theme of World Alzheimer’s Day for 2011 is “Faces of Dementia.” People with Alzheimer’s disease don’t look “crazy” or “out of their minds.” They look like your next door neighbor…your grandmother…or someone at the grocery store.

Today is a day to pay tribute to those who represent the “Faces of Dementia” in all parts of the world.

For a larger version of the “Faces of Dementia” poster, click here: World Alzheimer’s Day 2011

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