As COVID-19 State of Emergency Lifts in North Carolina, So Will Healthcare Provider Protections

On August 15th, Governor Roy Cooper announced that North Carolina’s COVID-19 State of Emergency, which he initially declared March 10th, 2020, had ended. In addition, Senate Bill 704: The COVID-19 Recovery Act, which granted healthcare providers immunity from civil claims brought on by the stress of the pandemic, also ended on the same date. So, what does this mean for citizens whose lives were impacted by healthcare providers’ actions and inactions related to the coronavirus? Here’s what we know.

How This Affects Healthcare Providers

As the COVID-19 Recovery Act is lifted in North Carolina, healthcare providers and facilities will no longer be protected against civil claims (excluding criminal or regulatory actions) due to acts or omissions impacted by COVID-19 that were made in good faith. 

Still, healthcare providers should monitor these changes in law closely, due to the continuously updated CDC guidelines and regulations surrounding the virus. This includes maintaining documentation of COVID-19’s effects on operations in the event of a lawsuit.

How This Impacts Patient Rights

With the expiration of the State of Emergency and COVID-19 Recovery Act, patients will reclaim the right to pursue claims against healthcare providers and facilities for causing harm. This includes victims of medical malpractice and nursing home abuse and neglect due to short staffing and medical mistakes.

With their legal rights restored to hold medical providers accountable for their actions and inactions related to the stress of the pandemic, it is essential that injured patients select legal representation well-versed in public health and safety to recover maximum compensation for them and their families.

Attorneys Who Will Put Your Claim First

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers and patients everywhere faced unprecedented hardship in their everyday lives. Now, with healthcare institutions and facilities beginning to resume their normal operations, their immunity from litigation has lifted, and impacted patients demand justice. That’s why the attorneys at Henson Fuerst want to hear your story and get to work to bring you the justice and peace of mind you deserve.

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