The Dangers of Fracking and What Is Being Done to Stop It in North Carolina

United States citizens depend on fossil fuels for a majority of our energy needs, but some of the techniques that are used to procure these resources can put us in danger’s way. One of these techniques is fracking, and North Carolina is currently embroiled in a dispute over whether or not it should be allowed.

Fracking is used to excavate natural gas from the earth by injecting treated water into the ground in order to break up soil and rock from around the deposit. This allows miners to access the deposit in a much more efficient manner; however, there is serious concern over the safety of the technique.

Environmentalists and researchers have shown the chemicals contained in the liquid used in fracking can be extremely toxic, leading to soil and water contamination. The practice can also cause the ground near a drilling site to become extremely unstable and, therefore, unusable.

Some in our state are currently working to ban fracking in North Carolina. An article from WRAL News reports a lawsuit was filed against the state, claiming legislators violated the state’s constitution by passing a series of laws that would allow fracking to occur within North Carolina’s borders.

At HensonFuerst, we recognize the health and safety risks fracking can pose and we’re hopeful the lawsuit will bring an end to this practice in North Carolina. It’s important to know though, our North Carolina personal injury attorneys are here to help if you’ve suffered damages or health concerns caused by fracking and have questions. Call us today for a free consultation of your case at (866) 777-1170.

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