Durham Daycare Shut Down For Operating Without a License

October 20, 2011

Typically, when we think of nursing home abuse cases, the first thing that comes to mind is elderly folks being neglected in retirement homes and assisted living facilities. What we tend to forget though, is that many of the same regulations in place for elderly-care facilities apply equally for the place of care our youngest family members attend.

Take for instance the recent case of a Durham, North Carolina, woman who was arrested this past Tuesday on felonious charges for running a daycare out of her home without a license. WRAL News reported that authorities acted on a tip from a concerned neighbor that the woman was still running the business after being shut down by officials a year earlier.

The daycare was closed in 2010 when Department of Health and Human Services officials made an unannounced visit only to find that the children had been moved to another house a mile down the road. Can you imagine a parent arriving to find their child is not at the house or with the person they left them with?

This time, after being tipped off the daycare was still in operation, officials returned to find eleven children in the house. The woman and her husband were charged with three counts of running a daycare facility without a license.

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