Is Fracking Good for NC?

Last week, after extensive review of the research, New York took the first steps toward a complete ban on fracking in the state.  Unfortunately, in the same week, North Carolina continued its push toward allowing fracking, with 117 rules, many of which were poorly written, submitted in haste, or barely reviewed at all by the North Carolina Rules Review Commission.

As a firm dedicated to health and safety, HensonFuerst Attorneys is very concerned about the possible effects of fracking. Want to know what information caused New York to ban this hazardous practice? You can read the full 184-page report here:

But in case you don’t have time to read the entire report, here are some of the highlights, as reported in The Atlantic:

  • Dangers to Respiratory Health. In Texas and Pennsylvania, where fracking is permitted and has been going on for awhile, the methane emissions have been linked to asthma and other breathing issues. 
  • Drinking Water Contamination. In fracking communities, methane is found in 82% of drinking water samples, and concentrations were 6 times higher in homes closer to the fracking sites.
  • Increased Seismic Activity. Studies have shown that fracking can trigger earthquakes. That’s what happened in the United Kingdom, where fracking near Preese Hall caused a 2.3-magnitude earthquake AND a 1.5-magnitude earthquake.
  • Noise, Odor, and Health Complaints. People who live near active fracking sites report more nausea, abdominal pain, nose-bleeds, and headaches. In Colorado, one community found a 30% increase in congenital heart conditions and a 100% increased risk of neural tube defects among families living near fracking sites.

Too little is known about the long-term effects of fracking. But why take the risk until further studies are done? Why is North Carolina so quick to move to put its residents in a potentially dangerous situation? Are our leaders so willing to allow big business to make money that they are willing to sacrifice the health of generations?

Here’s an article from the News & Observer about how some in NC are forcefully pushing fracking rules:

HensonFuerst Attorneys would like to see a more thoughtful and considered approach. We fear that in a few years we’ll be seeing thousands of injuries from fracking toxins. Is it really too late to do something, North Carolina?

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