Getting Help for a North Carolina Contaminated Water Dispute

Clean water is one of the essential elements of life. Without it, nothing can grow or survive. So pollution of our water sources is of great concern, especially in our state where there are several North Carolina contaminated water disputes currently being heard in our court system.

Dan River Coal Ash Spill

Duke Energy has come under heavy public scrutiny in recent months following the rupturing of a storm water pipe at a power station near Eden, North Carolina, that allowed as much as 82,000 gallons of coal ash and 27 million gallons of wastewater to spill into the Dan River. While the effects of the spill are unknown, those who may have been affected should consider seeking legal help immediately to avoid problems like those who were affected by contaminated water at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Camp LeJeune Contaminated Water

According to an article from WRAL News, a lawsuit filed against the federal government by dozens of soldiers and their families has been denied because the claims weren’t made within the state’s “statute of repose.”

The law states an individual’s right to seek compensation for damages caused by contaminated water are prohibited after 10 years have passed since the last known contamination. The problem is, many of the victims at Camp Lejeune were unaware of their exposure until well after this time frame. Furthermore, it can take even longer for the health problems associated with the pollution—like cancer—to become evident.

Lawmakers passed a bill that made an exception to this rule, but the courts found the new law didn’t supersede the “statute of repose.” The case was then returned to the lower courts to proceed.

Getting Help

At HensonFuerst, we recognize the importance of clean water and are hopeful those who are fighting in the courts for compensation due to exposure to polluted water have successful outcomes. If you have questions regarding the legal processes surrounding contaminated water though, our North Carolina toxic exposure lawyers have answers. Just call us at (866) 777-1170 and a member of our legal team will speak with you.

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