Group of seniors men and women wearing protective face mask playing chinese checkers at nursing home during pandemic lockdown. Old man wearing eyeglasses and surgical face mask for safety against covid-19 playing with a group of friends. Senior people enjoy a board game at care facility centre.

Green House Nursing Home Residents Are One-Fifth As Likely To Contract COVID-19 Than Those Who Live In Traditional Care Facilities

Although COVID-19 has ravaged many long-term care facilities, small group homes are seeing success in minimizing the effects of the virus. Across the country, residents in traditional facilities, as well as eldercare advocates, are beginning to wonder if the Green House model’s time has finally come.

What Is a Non-Traditional Nursing Home?

Green House homes are intended to look and feel like a real home to promote residents’ autonomy, individuality, and dignity as part of a national movement to create less-institutionalized long-term care. Green House homes differ from traditional nursing homes in terms of size, interior and exterior design, organizational structure, staffing, and skilled professional services.  

COVID-19 in Green House Homes

At Green House homes, residents are one-fifth as likely to contract COVID-19 as those who live in traditional nursing homes and one-twentieth as likely to die of the disease. The design of the facilities likely plays a role in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Their small, house-like design features private bedrooms and bathrooms, easy access to outdoor spaces. Additionally, each Green House home has a dedicated, consistent healthcare staff following preventative methods.

Residents continue to show resilience with COVID-19 restrictions. The staff finds ways to celebrate special occasions to help residents fill the void left by the limited family visitation.

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