The Importance of Determining the Value of your Property in a Case of Eminent Domain

In recent weeks, we’ve discussed how the state of North Carolina has the right to condemn private property through eminent domain laws if the land is being used to benefit the community; however, the North Carolina land condemnation lawyers with HensonFuerst explain the state is required to fairly compensate landowners for said property.

The problem is, the state may feel the property is worth one value, while the property owner believes the land is worth another. This issue has arisen in the town of Rockwell, North Carolina, where the state came to tear down a local business while the owner was still inside working.

Sifford’s Service sits along Highway 52, a stretch of road that has been marked for improvements. These upgrades required land, which the state made offers to buy. According to WBTV News, other property owners accepted the offers, but the owner of Sifford’s Service states his land is worth more and he rejected the offer. Despite this move, crews from state agencies arrived at the location earlier this week preparing to tear it down while the business owner was still inside.

Reports indicate state employees only brought a halt to their work when news crews arrived to cover the story. The value of the property is still being disputed.

So how do you determine how much your land is worth in a situation of eminent domain? Our lawyers discuss how the value of your property is determined in these situations on our website.

If you have further questions regarding the value of your property or your legal rights regarding eminent domain, don’t hesitate to call our team of attorneys anytime—day or night—at (866) 777-1170.



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