Your rights are in jeopardy! Congress is currently working on passing new laws that would take away important rights as an American citizen. Please take action immediately to protect the rights you currently have.

Each year thousands of patients die in hospitals, medical facilities and nursing homes due to preventable medical mistakes. As patients, we currently have rights that protect us against these mistakes and allow us to get proper justice for any medical wrongdoing through a just and fair legal process.

But what congress is currently working towards is to change the laws that are in favor of patients and Americans, and give more power to big corporations, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and the huge massive insurance industry.

If these new laws pass, these big corporations, who make massive amounts of money, will not have to pay for the mistakes their companies make routinely on innocent patients. Your vote does count. Your input does matter. Please contact your state representative now.

Please get in touch with your state representatives TODAY and tell them NO to vote NO to H.R. 725 “Innocent Party Protection Act,” H.R. 720 “Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act,” H.R. 985 “Fairness in Class Litigation Act,” and the H.R. 1215 “Protecting Access to Care Act.”

These bills will take away the rights of severely injured victims and their families harmed by preventable medical mistakes, defective drugs that cause patients harm and nursing home residents. If these laws pass, it will be nearly impossible for you or your loved one to pursue a lawsuit and have your rights protected. What these bills will do is get big business and insurance companies off the hook from being financially responsible or held accountable.

It is unacceptable for the Federal Government to eliminate your rights as an American citizen and not hold major corporations, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies responsible for the harm they cause.

We need to fight to protect ourselves as individuals and take action while we can. Our lives matter and so do our rights!

Your elected officials of North Carolina need to hear from you immediately in order to take action against these bills:

1. H.R. 725 “Innocent Party Protection Act,”
2. H.R. 720 “Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act,”
3. H.R. 985 “Fairness in Class Litigation Act,”
4. H.R. 1215 “Protecting Access to Care Act.”

We urge you to immediately call your representatives, send them a letter, an email, pick up the phone and call, start a petition in your neighborhood, but please spread the word to VOTE NO.

Please contact your North Carolina House Representatives.

1st DistrictG. K. Butterfield

2nd District Greg Holding

3rd District Walter Jones

4th DistrictDavid Price

5Th DistrictVirginia Foxx

6th District Mark Walker

7th District David Rouzer

8th District Richard Hudson

9th DistrictRobert Pittenger

10th District Patrick McHenry

11th DistrictMark Meadows

12th District Alma Adams

Please Contact Your State Senators:

  1. Thom Tillis
  2. Richard Burr

We all at Henson Fuerst are against any laws that take away the rights of the people. We stand for justice and liberty for all. You can make a difference by taking action. Just say NO to this bad legislation that our government is trying to pass.

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