New Law Makes Biking Much Safer in North Carolina

Attorney Thomas Henson Jr. is an avid cyclist and writes for Endurance Magazine. For the October 2016 issue of Endurance, he wrote about the new legislation changes to driving laws that are impacting bicycle safety. The October article addresses how the legislation will affect drivers and cyclists alike.

The laws take effect this month and state that drivers shall not overtake and pass another vehicle on any portion of a highway marked by signs or markings placed by the Department of Transportation. However, for motor vehicles this prevention does not apply in the following cases:

  • Vehicles are allowed to pass slower-moving bicycles and mopeds
  • The slower moving vehicle is proceeding in the same direction as the faster-moving vehicle
  • There must be a minimum of four feet between the faster-moving vehicle and the slower moving vehicle or goes entirely into the left-hand lane
  • The operator of the slower moving vehicle is not making a left turn or signaling an intent to make a left turn
  • The driver of the faster-moving vehicle complies with all other applicable requirements.

For more in-depth information on these new safety laws read his column for Endurance Magazine.

Attorney Thomas Henson Jr., Partner of Henson Fuerst, writes a monthly column for Endurance Magazine on cycling safety and changes in laws. Henson Fuerst Law Firm represents bikers involved in accidents, so if you have any questions about a biking accident, please feel free to contact Attorney Henson at 919-781-1107 and he will speak with you for free.

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