A Look at North Carolina Land Condemnation Laws

You’ve bought some land and use the property as your residence or place of business. Then one day, you receive a letter saying the government is going to purchase your land regardless of whether or not you want to sell. You ask yourself, “Is this legal?”

The North Carolina land condemnation attorneys with HensonFuerst explain that yes, the state or federal government may have the right to take your land under eminent domain laws. These regulations authorize the government to purchase land from individuals for “just compensation” as long as the land is being acquired for public use. This can include land to be used to build highways, canals, railroads, pipelines, and other infrastructure improvement projects.

Many North Carolinians are up in arms after a natural gas drilling company came forward saying they would be acquiring land to build a pipeline through Augusta County. According to the News Leader, this has prompted landowners to draft a letter to the company asking specific questions about their intentions.

The company hopes to break ground on the project within two years, despite threats of legal action from property owners.

At HensonFuerst, we know how complicated the laws regulating eminent domain can be. That’s why our North Carolina personal injury lawyers encourage you to speak with a legal representative if the federal or state government is attempting to acquire your land under the law of eminent domain. Learn more about how we can help you by calling (866) 777-1170 today.


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