NC Worker’s… Please Vote!

Anti-worker sentiment is growing and being lead almost exclusively by Republicans.  If they gain control in NC’s legislature after the upcoming election, they want to decrease the benefits an injured worker receives.  That’s right, I said decrease.  If you’re an injured worker currently receiving benefits, you know the reality:  you’re barely getting enough to get by and you encounter nothing but frustration every step of the way.  Can you believe that there are people that think you have it too good?  That’s why if you are an injured worker, please make an informed decision and vote. 

I know there are some people reading this thinking that it doesn’t apply to them.  They work in professions where a Worker’s Compensation Claim will never happen.  The reality though, is that it affects everybody.  If an injured worker has no money, runs out of Worker’s Compensation benefits, still needs medical treatment, and can’t return to work, what do you think is going to happen?  That’s right, they’re going to do the only thing they can do to survive and turn to public assistance, which raises all of our taxes.  We the tax payers will then be paying for big business’ wreckage and making the rich that much richer.  As a state and a country, aren’t we tired of bail outs? 

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda.  Let’s all cast a vote in favor of our state’s workers.

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