New Device for Brain Injury Assessment

As the saying goes, “time lost is brain lost” when it comes to brain injury. The longer it takes to diagnose and treat a brain bleed, the greater the risk of permanent brain damage.

That’s why this new device is so exciting. InfraScan Inc. has developed a portable device that uses near-infrared technology to identify patients with intracranial bleeding. It is especially beneficial for military field situations, and sports injuries. Once the device identifies a potential brain bleed, the patient can be rushed to a CT scan or even neurosurgery to speed the patient on the road to recovery.

The InfraScan Inc. was recently awarded the Hillier Ignite Lifesaving Innovation Award.

“Traumatic brain injury touches many veterans and military families.  For those injured far from the diagnostic machines available in hospitals, fast and accurate assessment of the impact of head trauma can be the difference between life and death, said Luke Hillier, Founder and President of Hillier Ignite.   “The Infrascanner 2000 is the lifesaving innovation that makes this possible, within minutes, and as with many great innovations, it has both military and civilian applications.”

This device has already be field-tested in Afghanistan, and is already saving lives. Fantastic innovation!


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