New North Carolina Law Now in Effect Doubles Time Limit on Some Lawsuits

Until this week, October 1, to be exact, North Carolina’s statue of repose stated that a consumer could not sue a manufacturer over a defective product if the defect occurred six years after the product was originally sold. If you think six years sounds like plenty of time, consider this: if a car crash happened because of a manufacturing or design defect, the consumer injured by the crash couldn’t sue if the car was FIRST sold more than six years ago. That’s right, the clock starts ticking with the first sale to any consumer, not just when the current owner bought it. Even though 12 years is much better, and is now the law in North Carolina, some states have no time limit on bringing such lawsuits. If you, or someone you care about, has been injured due to a defective product – even if you think just maybe the product might have been defective – give us a call or better yet, send me, David Henson, an email: And visit me on YouTube at

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