New Technology for School Buses Aims to Prevent Tragedies

As parents, we do whatever we can to keep our children out of harm’s way. However, there are times when we cannot always be there to protect them. One of the biggest safety risks for children during the course of their school day is the simple act of getting on and off the school bus. Unfortunately, not all motorists abide by the rules of the road such as stopping when a school bus’s stop arm is extended, putting children at risk of being injured. Fortunately, there may just be a solution.

New Artificial Intelligence Device Predicts Risk

The Safe Fleet Company has created a fully automated device, which helps to anticipate danger prior to an accident or injury occurring. It utilizes artificial intelligence with radar technology and predictive analytics to determine immediately whether or not a vehicle that is approaching a bus will stop in time.

PSA System Warns of Potential Danger

The proprietary device, called Predictive Stop Arm (PSA for short), is able to determine the speed and distance of another vehicle in order to determine whether or not it is likely to stop in time. If it is found not to, the technology produces a warning – both audible and visual – that alerts both the bus driver and students not to cross the street.

Safe Fleet’s Right-Hand Danger Zone protection system is able to track the movements of children within a certain perimeter of the bus and display visual warnings to the bus driver when there is a risk present.

The PSA is currently being tested in five different locations across the country. According to Hopkins Schools Director of Transportation, Derrick Agate, “It prevents the child from ever stepping out into the roadway when the system predicts the motorist will not stop.”

Safe Fleet Working Hard to Improve Safety

Safe Fleet is a leading global provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles. It is now using commercial marketing to sell its PSA devices for somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000 an installation. Safe Fleet is working hard to prevent injuries and save lives by increasing driver performance, improving outside safety, and optimizing fleet operations management.

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