North Carolina Attorneys Discuss Top Three Causes of Drug Injury

December 26, 2013

The vast variety and quantity of drugs available to Americans today help save numerous lives each year; however, taking certain types of medications can present serious risks to users. The North Carolina Drug Injury Attorneys with HensonFuerst explain there are typically three specific types of defects or problems that can cause a patient to suffer a drug injury.

  • Contamination– The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been working to reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by the bacterium and other microorganisms that can find their way into medications during manufacturing. One of the actions they have taken is to call for legislation that would eliminate certain provisions that allow compounded drugs to be exempted from manufacturing standards.
  • Unknown Side Effects– Manufacturers of medications are supposed to test their products for safety before releasing them to the market. Often, however, dangerous side affects are not discovered until much later. This can allow medications to be on the market with no warning to users of the dangers they may present.
  • Dosage/Prescription Errors– Doctors and medical staff sometimes make mistakes by giving patients the wrong medication, or the wrong dosage—too little or too much of a drug. This can have serious effects on patients’ health.

HensonFuerst’s team of North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers encourages citizens to discuss their cases with an attorney if they experience a drug injury caused by a medication prescribed by a doctor or other healthcare professional.

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