What North Carolinians Are Doing to Prevent Distracted Driving Car Accidents

Distracted Driving in North Carolina

It can happen in the blink of an eye. You look away from the road for a split second while driving and you crash. Accidents like this are all too common in North Carolina. In fact, estimates from the state’s Department of Transportation show approximately one-quarter of all North Carolina car accidents are the result of distracted driving. This leaves many citizens wondering what’s being done to combat the problem.

How North Carolina Is Battling Distracted Driving

North Carolina has had a law in place banning motorists from texting while driving since 2009, but the legislation doesn’t prevent drivers from using their phones and electronic devices while the vehicle is stopped.

While the Governor’s Highway Safety Commission is calling for a policy change that would include prohibiting use of electronic devices in a stopped car or truck, no such action is currently being drafted.

What You Can Do to Prevent Distracted Driving

Until the law is changed, it’s up to each individual driver to do his or her part to prevent distracted driving. That’s why the North Carolina personal injury lawyers with HensonFuerst would like to offer these suggestions as ways for you to prevent accidents caused by inattention.

  • Put Electronic Devices Down While Driving– Don’t text, make, or accept phone calls while driving. Also, don’t adjust the stereo once driving.
  • Limit Passengers– Having too many people in the car can be extremely distracting, especially for inexperienced teen drivers. Set a limit of no more than one other passenger in the car.
  • Take the Pledge– Hold yourself accountable by signing a promise not to drive while distracted.
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