PHONE SCAM ALERT! Beware of “Unknown” Callers

If an Unknown Caller Asks “Can You Hear Me”, immediately hang up your phone, and do NOT say YES.

An old scam with a new twist could be affecting you right now! The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of a terrifying scam that is simple yet brilliant. The scammer calls your phone from an unfamiliar number usually with a similar area code and asks, “Can you hear me?”

Police are warning consumers to immediately hang up if they receive this call! The hackers are using your recorded voice saying, “Yes” to authorize credit card and bill charges claiming you have agreed to these charges.

These calls are targeted to you relating to vacation packages, cruises, warranties and big ticket items, with one goal in mind, they want you to answer “YES.”  It is not clear how this scam will play out over time and if the consumers targeted will be hit at a later date, but it is extremely important that you do not under any circumstance answer “yes” if you receive one of these phone calls.

Here are some helpful hints to avoid a phone scam according to FOX:

  • DO not answer the phone from numbers you do not recognize
  • Do not EVER give out personal information over the phone to a stranger
  • Never confirm your number over the phone
  • Do not answer questions over the phone, especially from any telemarketer

Immediately hang up and call 911 if you think you are being scammed!

Always monitor your credit cards, bank accounts, and bills to make sure you are not being scammed. Remember to NEVER release personal information over the phone or through an email. What these scammers are doing is ILLEGAL; hang up your phone immediately if an unknown caller contacts you asking, “Can you hear me?”

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