Physical Fitness in the Workplace

You HAVE TO maintain those parts of your business that help make money.  You have to maintain the vehicles or else they’ll break down.  You have to update the anti-virus software or the computers won’t work.  You have to clean the cooking equipment and sharpen the knives, or else the meals don’t get cooked and served.It makes all the sense in the world, then, for business owners to help maintain the health of its employees.  After all, employees are the most vital money making component of any business:  the healthier your workforce, the more money you make.


Employers should encourage physical fitness.  An employee that is more physically fit is less prone to injury, recovers more quickly when they are injured, and overall has more mental acuity and focus.  The research is limitless in support of these propositions.  And, isn’t that the type of employee that every business owner wants?  The alternative is an employee who is easily injured, takes forever to recover when they do become injured, and is generally sluggish with no energy.  Which kind of employee do you think makes and saves a business owner the most money?

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