Preventing Injuries in Young Athletes

Young athletes are suffering more and more sports injuries, everything from brain injury to broken feet.  Of most concern is the increase in mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), what used to be known as concussion.

According to an article from the University of California, San Diego Health System:

Sports concussions are especially problematic in those under 18 years of age because of “second-hit” or “second-impact” syndrome. If an athlete returns to play too soon and has not allowed the brain to fully heal, then a second blow to the head could result in a life-threatening situation.

There is an organization that has launched an educational campaign to raise awareness and promote prevention of injuries in young athletes. STOP Sports Injuries was created by a coalition of organizations, corporations, and medical professionals. (The all-volunteer medical steering committee includes Dr. David Martin of Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC.)

The website offers educational tools for parents, coaches, athletes, and healthcare providers…concussion and injury-specific information…and injury prevention resources for specific sports, including baseball, basketball, cheerleading, dance, running, soccer, and many others.

Check out the site: The brain you save could be your own… or your child’s.

HensonFuerst Attorneys remain committed to combating brain injury. We are proud supporters of the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina (BIANC). If someone you love has suffered a brain injury and you are wondering what to do next, give us a call. If you have legal questions, HensonFuerst has answers.

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