Proper Treatment and Approach to Concussions

The debate regarding proper treatment and approach to concussions suffered by high school athletes rages on.   The controversy concerns when it is appropriate to allow an athlete to return to the sport after suffering a concussion; some say the decision should be left to sports medicine specialists on the sideline, and others support a broad recommendation preventing players from returning the same day regardless of the circumstances.  I can tell you that, based on my experience with brain injuries, post-traumatic concussion, and cognitive deficits following a seemingly minor head injury, there is absolutely no way I would allow my son back on the playing field the day he suffered a concussion.  Not only would I insure he did not return to play that day, I would make sure he received an evaluation from a physician trained in brain injury and knowledgeable about all manifestations of concussion.  For a full link to the article, please follow this link:  http://www.orthosupersite.com/view.asp?rID=41231

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