A Recent Video Shows Just How Dangerous Cycling Has Become as Drivers Lose Their Minds Around Cyclist

For over 30 years’ cyclists have been gathering at Union Grove Methodist Church to enjoy a group ride in Cary, NC. A recent video shows some frightening footage of a group of cyclists during some shocking moments, where all were lucky to escape injury free.

Mike Doub captured the near-fatal accident on his camera explaining, “He realized he wasn’t going to be able to get past – and so he correctly made the right decision to pull off to the left as opposed to plowing right into us.”

Multiple cyclists across North Carolina explain that incidents like these happen far too often.

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Each year thousands of cyclists in North Carolina sustain injuries due to negligent drivers. With more people turning to their bike as an efficient mode of transportation, a way to get daily exercise, or for a weekly group ride, it is our role as drivers to know the rules of the road!

At Henson Fuerst many of our attorneys are avid cyclists who have seen tragic accidents play out. We want to remind everyone of these proper bike safety tips:

  • Always wear proper safety gear – make sure to always wear a helmet that fits you properly!
  • Ride your bike responsibly – all bicyclists are required to follow the same rules and responsibilities on the road as motorists!
  • Be prepared for your ride – make sure your bike properly fits you, plan the route you are taking, wear bright clothing or reflective gear, make sure your bike is working!
  • Ride defensively – drive with the flow of the traffic, be aware of parked cars, obey all traffic signals, and never listen to music while riding.
  • Drive predictably – make sure you are communicating with motorists – properly signal, drive where you are expected to be seen like designated bike lanes.

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