6 Mistakes To Avoid When Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

Applying for disability is tough—and the Social Security Administration makes it even tougher. At Henson Fuerst Attorneys, we help people attain their Social Security Disability benefits every day. Sometimes, your own actions can make the application process even harder. Watch Attorney David Henson outline the 6 mistakes to avoid when trying to secure SSD benefits:

The Social Security Administration will look for any reason to reject your claim. Here are the most important things to avoid when you pursue your Social Security Disability claim:

  1. Foregoing Necessary Medical Care
  2. Doing Drugs or Drinking Alcohol: You cannot hide substance abuse from the doctors treating you. If you have a problem, you can still receive Social Security disability benefits—if you get treatment and try to stay clean. Judges have little sympathy for those who don’t help themselves—and deny claims accordingly.
  3. Breaking The Law and Ending Up in Jail
  4. Posting on Social Media About Your Injury or Claim: Posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can impact your claim. Authorities can use this information to deny you benefits—especially at a hearing. Negative posts can affect an examiner’s or judge’s opinion of you.
  5. Forgetting To Keep Your Attorney Updated
  6. Missing or Ignoring Deadlines: A Social Security Disability claim is hard enough. If you miss your hearing, blow off a consultation, or fail to file an appeal in time—you’re asking for a denial. Second chances are rare—and courts take their deadlines seriously.

If you have questions, Henson Fuerst has answers.

Don’t face the Social Security Administration alone. Use Henson Fuerst’s history of success to your advantage. We can guide you through the application process—giving you the best possible chance at the benefits you need. Find out how our Raleigh Social Security Disability lawyers can help you and your family. Call 919-781-1107 or complete a free initial consultation form today.

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