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How to Get Handicap Placards and Plates

If a doctor classifies you as disabled due to a physical condition or illness, you may qualify for a handicap placard and a handicap license plate for your vehicle. These allow you to park your vehicle in designated handicap parking spaces.

Using handicap parking spaces can make getting in and out of public places easier on you and your family. If you’re disabled and need the convenience of handicap parking, don’t hesitate to get the assistance you need. Our Social Security Disability lawyers can provide you with the information you need to apply for a handicap placard or license plate—call us today at (919) 781-1107 or fill out a free initial consultation form.

Steps to Take to Receive a Placard or Plate

To get your handicap parking placard or license plate, you must submit:

  • Proof of Identity and Age (birth certificate, driver’s license, etc.),
  • Request Form completed by you and signed by your doctor. Download a copy here:
  • Application and Fee
    You can submit your application and fee to your local DMV office. Each placard is $5 (limit two per person), and a license plate is $28. To locate your local DMV, go to:

If you request two placards, keep one with you to use if you ride in someone else’s vehicle. Also, remember that your placard and license plate are for your use only—any able-bodied friends or family members who travel without you aren’t allowed to use them to park in handicap spots.

Henson Fuerst Is Here for You

If you’re disabled and need help applying for your handicap placards or license plate, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced legal professionals at Henson Fuerst. Our North Carolina Social Security Disability lawyers are here for you.

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