Does Riding Bicycles Pose a Greater Threat of Brain Injury to Today's Youth Than Playing Football?

Brain Injury Risks: Cycling vs. Football

In a recent interview on the National Football League’s television network, Dr. Joseph Maroon made the statement, “It’s much more dangerous riding a bicycle or a skateboard than playing youth football,” when making a comparison between the risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury during either activity. But is this statement true? The North Carolina Brain Injury Lawyers with HensonFuerst point out a panel of experts addressed this question in a recent news report.

Brain Injury Statistics

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that bicycle accidents do, in fact, result in more traumatic brain injuries than playing football; however, a closer look at those numbers will show certain inconsistencies that dispel the idea that bicycling puts our nation’s youth at a greater risk of suffering a brain injury that playing football.

A Huffington Post article explains the breakdown of the demographics of brain injuries in today’s youth that shows a disproportionate number of teen males suffer traumatic brain injuries while playing football. In fact, the sport is the leading cause of brain injuries among boys between the ages of 10 and 19 years old.

Experts go on to explain that many football-related concussions go unreported as well, considering a Harvard University study showed football players will sustain six traumatic brain injuries for every one that is diagnosed.

Reducing Your Child’s Risk of a Brain Injury

There are several steps you can take to reduce your child’s risk of suffering a brain injury while riding a bike or playing football, and one is wearing a helmet. Never let your child participate in a game of tackle football without the proper protection. Also, here are some bike helmet safety tips to consider before letting your child go for a ride on their bike.

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