Safety Measures sometimes Not Enough to Prevent Head Injury

A 16 year old high school football player in California remains in critical condition after suffering a severe head injury.  Ironically, this athlete was wearing an advanced technology helmet designed to protect the head and brain.  In addition, he was playing on FieldTurf, which has half the number of head and neck injuries as natural grass, and he had been properly taught and coached in safe playing techniques.  Even so, he suffered a head fracture after a legal hit in a football game on Thanksgiving Day.  He now is fighting for his life.  Football remains the most dangerous high school sport, with an average of 25.5 injuries per 100 players a season, and 12 percent of all injuries involving head trauma.  I am not sure there is much of a lesson here – sometimes you do everything right and injury still occurs.  I guess my message to parents is to use your common sense with regard to sports and preventing brain injury.  Ultimately, each of us as parents have to guide our kids in finding the right balance between risk and enjoying all life has to offer.  It isn’t an easy task.   Regardless, our thoughts and prayers remain with this boy and his family.  For the full article, please click on the following link:

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