Texting Drivers' Reaction Time Double That Of Non-Texting Driver

October 5, 2011

North Carolina drivers now have another reason to put their cell phones down while driving besides the recent ban put in to place by lawmakers on the activity. A new study by the Texas Transportation Institute has shown that drivers who are texting and driving have more than double the reaction time of someone who is paying attention only to the road while driving.

This research is truly groundbreaking as it is some of the first research done to examine drivers in real driving situations. The study took dozens of people and had them drive an 11-mile course while reading and typing a story on their phones and reacting to random flashing lights along the course. Then, they had them repeat the course without texting. The new findings were reported by WRAL News Wednesday and showed texting drivers had a reaction time of around four seconds, as compared to around two seconds while not.

More importantly, it was shown that texting drivers were eleven times more likely to completely miss the flashing light altogether.

One researcher commented on the trials by saying, “We had participants striking barrels (on the course). It’s just really scary to think this is happening on our public roadways.”

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