Wearing a Helmet Reduces the Chances of Injury or Death While Riding a Bicycle

A new study confirms what we already know – wearing a helmet reduces the chances of injury or death while riding a bicycle.  I have ridden a lot of miles this summer and it amazes me how often I see people who are either not wearing helmets or do not have them adjusted properly.  Wearing an ill-fitted helmet is almost as bad as no helmet at all, because if the rider goes down and the helmet slides off the head upon impact, injury still can occur.  As listed in the full article in the following link, to check for a proper-fitting helmet, people should do the following:

* Ensure there are two-finger widths between a person’s eyebrows and the helmet.

* Keep the straps flat against the face.

* Make sure the side straps meet just below the ear making a V-shape under the ear lobe.

* Fasten the chin strap snugly so there is enough room to fit one finger between the strap and a person’s chin.

* Use the sizing pads provided with the helmet to adjust the fit.

To see the full article, click on the following link:    http://www.northumberlandtoday.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=1694142

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