What do I tell my doctor?

Tell your doctor EVERYTHING! 

One problem I routinely run in to is lack of documentation in an injured worker’s medical records.  My client will do a wonderful job detailing all of their injuries when they talk to me.  Then, when I get the corresponding medical record, the first sentence says “Patient is doing fine”.  This is horribly frustrating to me.  It is frustrating because a medical record is the most important piece of evidence any Worker’s Compensation Lawyer has.  If that evidence says my client is “fine”, when in reality, he’s not, I am severely limited in my ability to help someone.

One suggestion I give clients is to simply write it down.  Before you go to the doctor write down all of the problems you’re having on a day to day basis.  Write down any questions you may have for the doctor.  It’s too easy to forget and to important not to relay to your doctor.  The more information you can give your doctor, the better your case will go.  And, far more important than your case, is your health.  The more information you can give your doctor, the better he/she can get you back on the road to recovery.

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