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Toyota: From Kudos to Recalls in a Few Short Months

Think back…way back to 2009, back in the days when “Toyota” meant quality, reliability, value, and innovation. Those were the days, huh? Here’s the timeline, as we know it today (click dates for links to sources): November 21, 2009:  Toyota recalls millions of vehicles due to a defect they claimed was due to the potential …

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Alcohol plus Caffeine equals Trouble

After a night of drinking, a cup of coffee used to be considered the perfect preparation to help the drinker wake up before going home. Recently, high-powered caffeine drinks became popular mixers–a drink called “Raging Bull” calls for vodka, tequila, lime juice and high-caffeine Red Bull energy drink. Now, as reported in ScienceDaily, research suggests …

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Train Strikes, Kills Two in Kannapolis | Salisbury, NC

When long-term care residents needing supervision wander from their facility, death often results.  Yesterday, two men were killed after wandering from the Britthaven rest home where they lived.  A train struck them on a railroad track in Kannapolis within a mile of the home.

Deadly Falls

Nationally, falls continue to be a life-ending problem in nursing homes, and state investigators do not adequately investigate them.  See this representative story relating to a Minnesota nursing home resident.

Another Tort Reform Idea

Encourage your senators and representatives in Congress to vote for the Nursing Home Transparency Act, w hich will require nursing home owners to identify themselves.  For years, the nursing home industry has dodged its responsibility to nursing home patients by hiding who the owners and operators are.  Only a person or company with a license …

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